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Check List for Organizing a Blog Tour— Setup

You've finished the preplanning of your tour— planned the dates, gathered the hosts— but now you need to start on the tour set up. Below I offer the second portion of my blog tour check list.

Writing Your Post

Or posts, depending on how you choose to format your tour. Below are options for the different types of posts you can have in your tour, as well as combine them as you wish.

-Individual Posts

This is where each individual participating writes their own post, incorporating anything that needs to be in all the tour stops (giveaway information, tour list/schedule, book information, special images, ect.) It will save you time, but can result in some posts being more complete than others.

-Guest Posts

For this sort of tour, you would write one or more posts and then send that information out to your hosts. This is by far more time consuming, but helps to ensure that posts include everything you want them too. Offering to send pre-written posts can also increase the number of host participants you have, as it will save them the time of writing one.

-Hybrid Posts

In a post such as this, you may provide most of the text and images for a post but leave a blank section or more for the hosts to fill in their own information, such as excitement for the book(s) or reviews.

Things to Include

-Special Images

Whether writing only one post for yourself or for all the hosts, it is best to create special images for the entire tour. These would include pictures of the authors/books taking part, the dates of the tour, and mention a giveaway if there is one.

If you do not have the ability to create these images yourself, then ask for volunteers or hire a professional. People almost always scroll past social media posts made up of only words, but an eye-catching image will get them to at least read the caption. Other than making sure that all your links work, special images may be the most important step in a tour.

-Book Cover and Blurb

These two are probably self explanatory, as the book(s) are what these tours are all about.

-Author Bio and Photo

Occasionally, these are left out of posts and it's not the end of the world if they are. However, many people like to know about an author before they invest their time in the author's work. This information can also add a professional appearance to posts as most viewers will be expecting to see it.


This is an optional addition to any tour, though I highly recommend it. Giveaway posts, especially ones with "Giveaway" in the title, are far more likely to garner traffic and social media shares.

Should you decide to add a giveaway to your post, don't forget to include the following information:


-Country/ages eligible to enter

-Dates the giveaway is open

-How to enter

-How the winner will be announced/contacted

-How long the winner has to respond before a new one will be chosen

-Tour List/Schedule

Everyone who takes part in or hosts for your tour should be included in a list at the end of every post with a link to their website and the date they are posting (if applicable). You can add a step by linking directly to their post for the tour, which will help anyone clicking through the list a few days later to find the right pages.

-Other Info

For most tours, the above information will be enough. However, if there are multiple authors taking part, it is a good idea to mention them as well as any giveaways they are hosting. You can also mention any past or upcoming releases, the theme of the tour, background information for the plot of your novel, excepts, ect.

Every tour is ultimately what you want it to be. Make it as fun as you would like, picking and choosing whatever you want to share or believe would attract readers. However, ensure that the post(s) is(are) cohesive and that they mention everything a reader might need to know in order to take part.

I recommend reading hosts from other authors for ideas, as well as to get an example of format. Don't be afraid to ask a question here and there as well.

This is just the second part of my check list. Next week I will post about the final preparations of a tour. For those of you who have run a tour before, what are some suggestions you have? For those who haven't, what are some things you would like to try?

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