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Happy Birthday to Me! And a Giveaway for You!

It's my birthday weekend and I want to celebrate by giving away a copy of my book to a lucky reader.

I mean, it is my first birthday as a published author, and I've heard that in Germany, it is the birthday person who gives out cake to their friends and coworkers. I may not be able to give out cake, but I can do a giveaway.

The rules are simple, enter through any of the options on the rafflecopter (the more options, the more entries). One winner will be able to choose between a paperback or ebook (the paperback is for US entrants only, ebook is international). The giveaway ends on the 22nd of August and the chosen winner must respond with their choice within 24hrs or a new winner will be chosen.

If the rafflecopter does not appear below, please follow this link:

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