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Good Sunday Morning: Kwasiada Pa Anopa Is now available where books are sold!

Good Sunday Morning: Kwasiada Pa Anopa is a project which has been in the works for a few years now, due largely to the busy schedules of everyone involved, but also to the fact that this project has had a steep learning curve for all of us as well.

I had thought that publishing Rahab: Hidden Scars had been difficult to produce, but in many ways this short children's book has been even more so. However, it has all been worth it to have this book out there for people enjoy.

This project was started so that those like my best friend, whose husband is from Ghana, could have a book to read to their children, both in English and in the Twi dialect of Ghana. Though books in Twi or that include Twi do exist (Click Here to see a Goodreads shelf with some that I found), I struggled to find ways either to purchase these books or to find subject matter that aligned with this couple's Christian faith.

When I asked Ebenezer if he would be interested in translating a book should I write one, he seemed excited to work on a story that would use his heritage language while also pointing to Christ.

The text matter of this story is very simple. Anyone could have written it, and I don't want to give the impression that I have the authority to speak on Ghanaian culture simply for knowing someone who is from there. For me, this short little book is a way to use the knowledge and passions God has given me to help make resources more accessible to those around me.

I pray that this book will bless the Asiamah family and others like them.

Follow Akosua as she wakes up in the morning and greets those she sees on her way to church. It truly is a good Sunday morning!

Di Akosua akyi bere a ɔsɔre anopa na okyia wɔn a ohu wɔn bere a ɔrekɔ asɔre no. Ɛyɛ Kwasida anɔpa pa ampa!

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