Works in Progress

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Hidden Scars

This is my most current and pressing WIP, a Biblical Fiction novel about Rahab and Salmon.

After a mistake that left Rahab scared and undesirable, her family proves to her that without her bride price, she is worthless. Instead, she is forced into prostitution by her father to recoup the wealth her marriage would have provided. But time spent caring for her needs has shown Rahab that she is strong enough to make her own choices, and when two spies arrive in the city, she knows that a God who has filled Jericho with fear may just be able to save her.


Salmon has only ever seen the might of Yahweh's wrath. Despite Moses' assurance of Yahweh's mercy, Israel is a people always at war, with elders who die in the wasteland of the Sinai desert. But the survival of a prostitute from the city of Jericho shows Salmon the mercy he has been searching for... and that changes everything.

Talent Born

Also a current project, Talent Born is a YA fantasy novel told from the perspectives of four siblings.


Gods Shall Bow

A WIP I hope to return to someday. This is a Christian fantasy novel which utilizes Greek mythology.