Editing Services

Developmental Edit

This edit mainly looks at big picture issues, identifying the main problems that are holding a manuscript back from its potential. For this edit, I would make a first pass over your manuscript to identify story-wide weaknesses. Then I would read through it again, identifying areas where these weaknesses could be fixed as well as pointing out any inconsistencies in the narrative. Some typos and grammar mistakes might be fixed, but that is not the focus of this edit.

The cost of this edit is .01-.015/word. In return, you will receive a 2-5 page summary of my suggested fixes, as well as comments and some tracked changes within the document. I will be more than happy to answer any follow up questions about my work or to help brainstorm ideal fixes.

Line Edit

This edit focuses on rhythm, tone, word choice, pacing, and general readability. While some grammatical and spelling errors will be fixed, correcting those is not the intention of this edit. As with a developmental edit, I will take two passes over your manuscript. First to complete the main edits, and then to ensure that all suggested changes are consistent and in line with the author's voice.

The cost of this edit is .01-.015/word. In return, you will receive in-text edits with comments explaining the suggested changes. Afterward, I will be available for questions.

Narrative Critique

This is much like an in depth beta read. I will read your manuscript through and then supply you with a 2-3 page critique, depending on the length of the narrative and issues I believe could be fixed.

The cost of this is .005/word, as it would not include a second read through or as in depth analysis.

Micro Edits

These edits are called micro because they are more or less simple, though nonetheless time consuming. Changing point of view from first to third, tense from past to present, ect. Sometimes changing the story in this way creates narrative flow issues, and I offer suggestions throughout on how to avoid this.

Depending on what micro edit you are looking for, the cost is between .0075-.015/word.


If you would like to contact me for more information, a sample, or a quote, you can email me at rebekahgygerfiction@gmail.com. For a Micro Edit, I offer a three page sample of my work, provided that is no more than 10% of the overall manuscript. For a Developmental Edit, Line Edit, or Narrative Critique, I offer a sample read of the first five pages and a short summary of any issues I might have identified in those pages.

Testimonials and Recommendations

"I'm so glad I chose to have Rebekah's eyes on my latest manuscript. By the time she got it, it was already quite tidied up, but Rebekah still found some structural issues that several others, including myself, had totally missed. She had excellent recall of details over the course of my 160K manuscript and caught a number of cringe-worthy inconsistencies. I loved how she picked at and questioned seemingly little things such as word choice and sentence length. That level of attention is what I look for in an editor, and Rebekah did not disappoint."

-April Gardner, author of  Beautiful in His Sight

“I cringed when my editor asked me to switch my first-person hero to third-person throughout the 120k Of Fire and Lions manuscript. She gave me permission to audition freelance editors, and Rebekah did a fantastic job! She caught every pronoun shift and suggested small changes that helped prepare for the line edit. Her understanding of manuscript mechanics (characters, plot, pacing) was incredibly helpful in the flow of this book’s editing process. She’s definitely a pro!”

-Mesu Andrews, author of  Of Fire and Lions and Isaiah's Daughter

"I had the pleasure of having Rebekah in my introductory line editing class this year. She has a strong editorial ear but is gentle and restrained with feedback, focusing on guiding and working with the writers she's editing. Any writer would be glad to have her in their corner."

-Christina M. Fey, editor at Page Two Editorial and co-executive of the EFA